Mistress Shira - The Blonde Domme

Ottawa's Premiere Dominatrix, Internationally Renowned


c..., Ottawa, 2016

Dear Mistress, or should I say Princess (I hope the party was as good as ever), I just wanted to say thanks for another memorable evening. So many positives to reflect back on:

- You looked stunning

- there was a great relaxed, un-rushed atmosphere, and lots of humour; and I loved that we chatted beforehand and the way it was all done with me wearing the girdle and stockings

- the spanking was deliciously harder

- and the cock slapping was near perfect...taking me to the edge of it being too much before pausing

- the penis gag...loved it!

- electricity at the front and vibrations at the back all while tightly tied...could it get any better?

- well yes it could if You also had fun. I was hoping beforehand that You would still have the pleasure of some strap on play (which is why I practised beforehand with the plugs) and You did . And You really seemed to enjoy it. And anything that puts a smile on Your face certainly makes me happy

- and I'm still smiling at the trick You played with the 2nd pair of panties as You pulled me in!

Anyway I look forward to next time. And I look forward to hearing more about Your new sub. I think the idea of watching someone get punished (if they are genuinely into pain) and maybe even participating (under instruction) is quite exciting.

thank you


dan.d, 2015

Hi Mistress Shira,
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience this evening. It was amazing. More than I could have hoped for. I really appreciate you seeing me on such short notice.  Hope to have another session with you soon:) Have a Happy New Year!
dan d

adam, 2015

Mistress Shira:

What do you do when a longtime fantasy is so completely and utterly fulfilled that nothing else you can imagine can even come close? Thanks to Mistress Shira and Mistress Madison, I will now have to find an answer to this exact question.

These previous testimonials do not exaggerate in the least. Mistress Shira is extremely creative, attentive to detail, and of course delightfully forceful and mean. Her practiced skills masterfully (or should I say, Mistress-fully) encompass both the physical and psychological aspects of the ideas and desires you present to Her, and, as such, no stone is left unturned within a session. In spite of Her obvious enjoyment in Her work, Her professionalism was evident from O/our first contact until the very end, from Her explanation of the session parameters to matters of discretion and safety. She is also very friendly, charismatic and personable, which only adds to Her allure.

As a relative newb to BDSM, I must confess I was not sure what to expect when I first contacted Mistress Shira. Her professional manner and patience with my many questions helped put my mind at ease, though, and to say that I am glad I did go through with it is an understatement - the session completely blew away any and every expectation I might have had. My limits were pushed in ways I had never imagined, but can only now describe as an amazing experience. If you can muster up the courage to tell Mistress Shira your desires - as I did - you will definitely not be disappointed.

Admittedly, I had only intended to have one session, that being to fulfill my fantasy. However, having done that, I have no doubts that I would want to experience Her not-so-tender mercies once again. She is THAT good.

Cheers and safe journey.


e Ottawa, April '13

Mistress Shira,

I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for another amazing session of self indulgence and therapy last Tuesday.

The combination of experiences was more than I could have dreamed of. The visit to the hair salon, which is BTW really sweet and so are the ladies, trussed up as I was, overloaded my senses, internally and externally.

My memory of the smells, feelings and your combination of therapies is sending my mind into arousal overdrive. Your treatment was phenomenal and what I required.

Once again, many thanks.



a, Ottawa, April '11

Hi Mistress,

WOW - want to say thank You again for a truly mindblowing experience. You took a fantasy-on-steroids vague idea I had and made it happen. Needless to say, my expectations for the session were completely blown out of the water - way beyond impressive!

Hopefully You had fun with me also! It certainly seemed as though You did - which only made it better! :)

Cheers and all the best!

P.S. - yes, I'm still walking a bit funny...

C, Ottawa, November '10

A thank you / endorsement. NO NEED TO RESPOND

I wanted to send you note following our appointment on Thursday evening. However I wanted to wait until the euphoria had died down to see if I still felt the same. Well it has and I do so I just wanted to say thank you. Of course I had hoped beforehand that my fantasies would have been fulfilled but deep down I suspected I might come away disappointed.

Not only were they fulfilled I think you exceeded my expectations. Your attention to detail, your listening skills and intuition were quite exceptional – everything from the greeting (even when I arrived early), the progression throughout the appointment and the closure. I could go into more detail but it was ALL handled with real class. And the apartment itself provides a very tasteful upscale environment.

I am a great believer in giving positive feedback when due so please take this as a heartfelt thanks and a ringing endorsement. If you want to use any other this for a testimonial update please feel free to do so. If I were to write a testimonial I would probably say something like:

"If you are considering an appointment for the first time, have the courage to take the plunge. Not only will you not be disappointed with the experience but the sensitivity with which you will be handled combined with the exceptional attention to detail provided by Mistress Shira will amaze you. I am not saying it will be painless, but it will be something you won't forget in a hurry!"

pjn, Ottawa, July '09

I have had the opportunity to session twice with Mistress Shira and even though I don't have the ability to get to Ottawa via work anymore, I do look forward to serving her again. They were the most amazing experiences and it seemed like Mistress Shira was reading my mind. She took total control of my anus and uses her strap-on as if it were part of her body. There is a fine line of pain and pleasure in anal training and Mistress Shira balances both with incredible expertise....she stretched and probed me to the point I was pushing myself to accept her strap-on as deep as possible. I didn't want either session to end being captivated by her beauty and what seemed like a genuine immersion into her role as my Mistress.

My favorite part of the session was at the end, looking up at her while she drenched me with her golden shower. Her commanding me to masturbate with her nectar while worshiping her perfect ass, was an extremely powerful and erotic moment. I long to worship her ass and shower me again.

Finally, I think what has made my experiences with Mistress Shira so special is that she is genuine and a real person. She is so engaging and it is easy to develop a bond of trust and comfortable communication. There are so many other fantasies that I have dreamt with Mistress Shira taking more and more control of my ass while worshiping hers. Hopefully, the next session will be sooner than later....but I know there will be more.

eg, Ottawa, June '09

Dear Mistress Shira, A note to express my appreciation and thanks for the wonderful sensory journey you took me on this morning.

I have, so to speak, sat on the fence re: the long held desire to be s****** by a mistress. Having made the choice to explore this aspect of my desires and my potential for submission; your presence, skill and attention to detail since my initial email engendered total confidence and trust; physical and mental submission on meeting was effortless. From the thoughtful outfit you had selected for me, the skilful exploration of my tolerances and exploration of my interests to the dramatic (for me) final curtain; the whole experience has left me tingling and my sensations, internal, external and mental bombarded.

I do not anticipate being frequent; however when a selfish need occurs I hope you will once again allow me to share your time.

Yours very humbly, eg

nectar, Ottawa, November '08

How does one begin to pay tribute to a Mistress who expertly transitions pain to pleasure to pain to anticipation, challenging a slave's limits, and demanding complete subjugation and obedience. From the original email exchanges to set up O/our first session, Mistress Shira presented an honest and firm demeanor to understand Her potential slave's experience, perceived limits and prepare a session to expand the slave's limits.From the moment I stepped through the door and gazed upon Her beauty in a leather corset and high soft leather boots, Mistress Shira took control. For all the Mistresses I have served around the world, I have never felt so safe and comfortable to give myself to Her completely and willingly.


Mistress Shira exudes a presence of confidence and understanding that makes you want to give yourself fully to Her.In the first 10 minutes Mistress Shira had probed my ass and worked my balls to establish the limits She was going to push. And push She did!! Shackled, spread eagle, balls tied, inflatable expanded, fingernails digging deep into my swollen balls or cock, She would caress the back of my neck or press her warm soft body against my back. As I would succumb to the caress or warmth, the nails would dig deeper, the inflatable grew and my desire to have Her penetrate me with one of Her many strapons grew stronger and stronger.

As I have learned over the many years, true dominance is of the mind through physical means and Mistress Shira had succeeded in completely taking control of my mind and all my senses. I was now Her slut toy for Her to do as she pleased. Safe words were not going be uttered as the experience was so intense I did not want it to end. But end it did, albeit only for a minute to remove the inflatable and mount me, briskly and deeply with her strapon. Eyes closed, thanking Mistress Shira for each thrust, each thrust more intense than the previous. Pulling back and thrusting deep, again and again. As the pleasure grew more intense, from somewhere the violet wand attacked my balls and the nails dug into my cock. Oh to be there again. The vision appears at will.

When Mistress Shira had finished taking me, She allowed me a small sample of her golden nectar. A sample that makes me want more. Making me eager for another session to further expand my limits, give myself freely again, to please Her every whim and be rewarded with more of Her warm tasty golden nectar. Thank you Mistress Shira for making me your slut toy. For a first session, your beauty, sensuality, and skill surpassed my expectations. Until our next session, I can but only recall the pain and pleasure you afforded this slut toy.

THANK YOU MISTRESS SHIRA, Your humble slave, nectar

toyboy, Toronto, May '08

Dearest Mistress Shira, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for seeing me Tuesday night. It was definitely the hottest session I have ever had with a domme, and I enjoyed it thoroughly--I hope that you did, too. You kept all of my senses on edge, and you certainly know your way around a strapon. I hope that I pleased you as well, and I look forward to another session just as soon as I can arrange it.

Thank you again!

j, Ottawa, March '08

Mistress Shira, O/our meeting is etched in my memory. The gentle lashing of my erection, the exquisite pain of the nipple clamps and the feel of my cock on your leather boots are sensations I cannot forget. I have never experienced anything like that and I am suprised how erotic it was. It was--moreso than I expected. I was not so sure this would be the case before I visited, as my previous two experiences were bad as I told you. I enjoyed your obvious pleasure in using the strapon on me. I will do that anytime for you in any way you would like, anywhere, as long as you wish. To be exposed and bound for your use is something I hope to do again very soon. Your wet panties tasted superb! The hood followed by the warm golden shower on my erection was truly unexpected, yet perfect. I believe you outdid yourself that day.

Submissively, j

david (harmless_boner), Baltimore, February '08

This Lady is everything you could possibly want in a Mistress: looks, brains, a sadistic streak, firm, totally cool, as kinky as they come, and so very sexy. She'll have you on your knees with just a look. i was Her personal slave-in-training for 6 months. During that time W/we got together on several occasions in private and publicly at a BDSM club and at the last Black Rose convention; i learned much from Her. It is my ass you see pictured in Her profile photos; an absolute privilege to be so displayed and used. Too bad W/we live hundreds of miles apart, and that made it difficult to cultivate the relationship further.

Whether you are seeking a session or a permanent position, Mistress will handle you competently and professionally. She is highly experienced and knows what She is doing. Never did i fear for my safety; She engenders trust from the start. you will want to please Her from the bottom of your heart. you just better be polite, civil, and respectful. Follow Her instructions explicitly and you will not be sorry. Thank You, Mistress, for the privilege of serving You. A thousand times, yes!

My property: slave mario, Montreal, December '07

Sooo good...Unbelievable and Beautiful... Mistress Shira is truly a wonderful Goddess. She is everything, a submissive male could ever wish for. i am proudly collared by Her. She is my owner, friend and confidant. i have given her my body, my virginity, my mind, and soul. She is all I've ever wanted and more… i have found everything i need in my Goddess. i've never met anyone so special and unique like Her. Am truly blessed and honored to serve in her presence and am always in awe. She has given me all the things i never even knew i needed. Is always a great pleasure for me to serve and please Her and to satisfy Her every whim. She is also very experienced and imaginative in bondage play, forced fem and wicked with strap-on. She can be soft and sensual, but also be strict and cruel with a cane or a whip. Under Her strict supervising i quickly learned all aspects of bdsm and became a perfect slave, sissy maid, strap-on slut and cock sucking whore.. i never want to live without! THANK YOU MISTRESS!