Mistress Shira - The Blonde Domme

Ottawa's Premiere Dominatrix, Internationally Renowned


The intensive program will also be available again next summer (2015) at a private and secluded cottage within one hour of Ottawa. Transportation is easily available to a nearby town, and transfer to the cottage from there can be arranged. Expect to be naked and collared, or dressed like a sissy or slut both indoors and out. Send an email for more info.

The Intensive Program is available throughout the year at My fully equipped dungeon. Perhaps you are new to the world of BDSM and would just like to take a week to experiment with a variety of activities. Or, maybe you already know that you require a week of close custody, discipline, and control. Could it be that you long to surrender to your feminine side and be transformed by a beautiful Domme into a sissy maid or slut? Do you simply feel the need to escape the humdrum of the vanilla world and seek refuge from the stress of constantly being in charge and making decisions and have your every move directed? Whatever your motivation, in order to be accepted into this exclusive program, you will have to somehow demonstrate your potential as a 24/7 slave and convince Me that you are worthy of My attention. After all, I will have to endure your company for approximately 168 hours!


Your day to day duties may include upkeep of the facilities, preparing and serving all meals, attending to your Mistress and Her guests, all the while, naked and collared, in irons, or dressed as a sissy maid or slut, depending on My mood and within the limits and areas of interest determined beforehand. Of course, to maximize the effectiveness of your training, the actual details and terms of your stay will be discussed and determined beforehand. Any of the activities listed on the Services page can be incorporated into your personalized training program.

Should you be fortunate enough to be chosen, you will find that My fully-equipped dungeon has much to offer, including a St. Andrew's cross, a spanking and strapon bench, a cage, a bondage coffin, a golden shower head cage, suspension apparatus, a sissy room, and a fully equipped medical room, as well as an incredible variety of restraints and implements to both keep you in line and reinforce the lessons you will undoubtedly learn. For the cross-dresser, there is a very feminine bedroom with lots of mirrors and a delicate vanity where you can primp and preen under My guidance and be transformed into a beautiful, graceful, and passable tv or hot slut. W/we will make use of My large selection of wigs, makeup, fetish clothing, and shoes/boots for every shape and size.


Under the same roof, with permission, you may also enjoy more traditional amenities such as WIFI, a heated pool, and a breathtaking view. If you're good and you've earned it, you may be allowed to escort your beautiful Mistress to nearby shopping, or one of the numerous restaurants or movie theatres. All of this, combined with a training program tailored to your interests and needs, is certain to make this a 'vacation' like no other. Of course, the real benefit lies in the expert guidance you will receive from your Mistress to enable you to realize your dream of living the slave experience.

Let Me remind you, though, that I am neither operating a hotel nor a luxury B & B. Indeed, you are more likely to spend your nights chained or in a cage at the foot of My bed than in a bed of your own. Furthermore, you can expect to spend 24 hours a day under My strict and controlling supervision, and despite the comfortable, upscale premises, you will never be allowed to forget that your purpose here is to be trained as a 24/7 slave. If you like, at the end of your stay, you will be given a personal written evaluation and a certificate confirming your completion of the program that can be presented as an application to any future prospective owner.